The Greatest Generation

February 23, 2014

Today (February 23, 2014) marks the 69th anniversary of the flag raising at Mt. Suribachi during the Battle of Iwo Jima.  Several years ago I wrote “Quiet Heroes:  A Symphonic Salute to the Flag Raisers at Iwo Jima” which premiered with the Fox Valley Symphony in Appleton, Wisconsin with Wilford Brimley narrating, and Brian Groner conducting.  Three flag raisers survived the battle — this is the story of John Bradley, who not only  survived the battle but also the relentless War Bond drives, parades, promotion and notoriety surrounding the famous photograph.  John Bradley’s story touched me as it remind due of the millions of stories of all the men and women who served their countries during WWII.

I’m currently working on another WWII piece “Brothers In Arts:  An Homage to Our Fathers” which commemorates the 70th anniversary of the Allied Liberation of France.   I am co-writing it with a French composer, Guillaume Saint-James and it will premiere in Rennes, France June 12, 2014.

We can never thank The Greatest Generation enough for what they did for all of us.

Here’s the first Movement of “Quiet Heroes”.